First Person Shooter source


You can find a huge amount of FPS examples on the internet. The available examples are usually simple doom clones, but that does not count for this example.


Basic shapes models

Using the build in 3d shapes gives you less flexibility but you gain a lot off typing speed. And as you can see it turned out very good.

First person view

The 'First person view' is the easiest camera type to create. Just look at the scripts in 'obj_camera'.

Rotation and translation

When you finished working on your gun, you have to position and rotate it along the camera. That's where the d3d_transform functions come in handy. I always start with rotating the gun 90 degrees, which allows me to use the cylinder functions as barrel or other parts.

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Level design

Level design can be very time consuming and that's why I used a few tricks. In the 'obj_barrier' classes you can see a script which creates a wall between the 2 objects. This makes level design much faster and easier.

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