Streetglow source


A third person perspective, costumizable cars, advanced npc's it's all included in the source code!

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Customizable vertex models

I strongly advise you take a look at the car model scripts. Using primitives instead of the standard shapes gave me a lot of freedom in designing the cars. If you use 'sprite_get_texture()' instead of 'background_get_texture()' you get the possibility to easily change textures with just 1 variable.


Third person view

Setting up a camera can be a very tricky thing, especialy when the camera has to follow a certain object. You can find my camera-script in 'obj_race_camera' in the draw-event. One important detail about the camera which can be easily overlooked is camera friction because it makes the game less rigid.

Racing engine

If you have no idea on how to make an opponent you can take a look at 'obj_npc_race_car' and 'race objects'. It isn't a very good way of programming but it can be used for a simple game.



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Hi :D I have downloaded this but the .gmk file seems corrupted. Can you send it to me via e-mail? Thank you :)
kayla15 14-09-2012


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