Tutorial 3D Gun

Part 1: Gun Creation


This part will teach you how to create your own 3D gun. We will use the Model creator* to create the gun.

* This link only works for Internet Explorer en Firefox users. Chrome users should use this direct download link instead.

Part 2: Gun Programming


This part will teach you how to load your gun into game maker. The following topic are explained in this tutorial:
- Loading and drawing the gun on the ground
- Picking up the gun, gun follows camera
- Firing the gun with muzzle flash and recoil
- Zooming in with the gun - Creating a dynamic aim cross

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When you want to follow this tutorial you have to download this Tutorial Package. It contains sprites, textures, use full links and more.

Model Creator V5

The Model creator is an easy to learn model creation program for game maker.I really recommend to get used to this program before moving on to more difficult programs like blender.

Note: If you can't download the model creator from the website try this link instead.

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