Engine 3D Basic


When you create a 3D game you always have to do the same things before you can create the actual game. You have to do things like: setting up a camera, creating a world, setting up the lighting, etc. So I decided to create a small 3D engine which contains all of these things.

With this engine I can explain the different techniques much easier.
Here is a short list of techniques I'm planning to make tutorials for:
- Creating your own 3D gun and using it in game maker
- Basic 3D bullet collision
- Basic 3D bone structure models


Engine 3D basic GM 8.1
Engine 3D basic GM 8.0
Engine 3D basic GM Studio New * (works with newer GM Studio versions)
Engine 3D basic GM Studio Old * (only works with Version 1.1.1058 or older)

* When opening the Engine, GM Studio will ask to update the configurations, just press OK
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After that go to Resources > Change Global Game Settings > Windows and enable Force Software Vertex Processing

Tutorial video



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