Alien Invasion 3D

Alien Invasion 3D

Defend as long as you can against the invading aliens. The longer you survive the more aliens will be send to defeat you, but you will also get access to more powerful weapons.

With this project I tried to push my 3D skills even further within a short amount of time.

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I spend one month designing a 3D skeletal engine which is used for the alien models. After the alien model worked I spend around 2 months for the complete game. In the mean time I learned a lot about modelling (ModelCreatorV5, blender), texturing and bullet collision.

Making these engines, 3D bullet engine, 3D skeletal engine, available for public use is the next thing that I'm going to do.

Download Compatibility version (recommended)

Some older PC's/laptops have difficulties with running a 3D game made with game maker studio. This compatibility mode version should run on every PC/laptop but it may run a bit slower, it has Software Vertex Processing enabled.

reife frauen treffen

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Download Standard version

The standard version runs faster than the compatibility version but may fail at some PC's/laptops.

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